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Finding your WHY & your “caring” rather than your “calling”

Yes, I want, and need, to earn money, but at this point in my life I would define success much more broadly than just earning money. I find I like myself better when I can define WHY I do the work I do in ways that includes much more than the money I receive. When I feel that the work I do contributes to the greater good I feel better about it. In other words the way I define success for my “Encore” includes feeling good about the work I’m doing. Success includes the feeling that I’m making a difference.

Does that make sense to you?

In a recent blog post the author Seth Godin made the point that finding your “calling” can be a daunting task… while finding things you care about can be reasonably easy. The point is this, you don’t have to find that one ideal “calling” you can find work that you “care about”. Work that gives you a sense of contribution and a feeling of being of service.Be the reason some smiles

The successful “Encore Entrepreneurs” I’ve interviewed would not consider themselves successful if they could not take pride in the work they were doing. I would not consider myself successful as an Encore Entrepreneur if I could not see myself making the world at least a little bit better because of what I do.

So here are some key questions for you:

Why, in addition to the money, do you want to do what you are doing (or are considering doing)?

What do you care about? How can you add value to, or serve those who are doing things that you care about?

I’m always available as a sounding board. Let me know if you have some ideas you want to kick around. 

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