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Becoming self-employed at 50+ can reduce stress, add joy and income to our lives while also allowing us to do work we are passionate about, work that gives us a sense of connection and contribution.

Here’s the problem; when you’re over 50 and starting your own business, even as a solo-preneur, a one person business, you face challenges and obstacles that your younger counter-parts do not.

Your greatest asset, your life-experience, is also your greatest weakness.

While your experience can help you identify work you’re passionate about, your experience, or lack of experience, can result in you using outdated marketing or communication tactics that cripple your chances of success.

Our values, needs and aspirations are different than entrepreneurs in their 20’s and 30’s.

We may be more committed to doing work that has a positive social impact, or that is connected with a passion that we have long ignored, or had on the back-burner. We may find it much more important to have control over our time so we can assist with grandchildren or aging parents, or simply do some of the things on our bucket lists.

The “How to Become an Encore Entrepreneur” series of 7 classes is designed to help you solve the problems faced by 50+ entrepreneurs.  You will learn from the experience of others and be guided on your own path of entrepreneurial discovery.

In this FREE WEBINAR you will learn 2 key points associated with each of our 7 subject areas. In other words you will leave this session with 14 very specific, useful, practical tips and tools you can use to create you dream job.

Here’s what’s covered in this session:

1.Find Your Passion

  1. Look at your past, present & future.
  2. Prioritize values. Time, purpose, money.

2.Identify Your ‘Wisdom Based’ Business Model (not for everybody)

  1. Allowing your purpose to drive the business
  2. Leverage your knowledge, experience and current beliefs and values

3.Determine What Additional Skills You’ll Need

  1. Product/service skills
  2. Marketing/public speaking/accounting


  1. Time
  2. Bootstrapping

5.Getting Your Feet Wet Product Development

(if a product) try it to see if you like it – assess your skills – must be extraordinary

  1. Make some stuff
  2. Get some customers
  3. Start with the Sales message/Market Concept
  4. Make some

6.Your Marketing & Sales

  1. Identify the Benefits of doing business with you
  2. Make it very easy for people to understand and share the benefits of your product/service
  3. Internet
  4. Non-Internet

7.Developing the Psychology of a Successful EE

  1. Building a bigger why
  2. Act as if – Go until – Stop if the market is not accepting it

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