How to Start Your Own Successful "retirement business"…


This session is for people 50+ who are interested in building a successful 'Retirement Business'.

Our primary emphasis is going to be on marketing because that's the primary stumbling block for most 'Encore Entrepreneurs"… 

Before we cover the marketing you'll learn:
•    How to identify the PERFECT business for you
•    How to minimize your financial risk 
•    How to maximize your fun… & flexibility
•    How to avoid the 5 most costly mistakes

Then you'll learn 3 proven Encore marketing tactics that can instantly build your business for almost no money out of pocket. 

Lastly, I'll show you how we can work together to build your perfect retirement business.

The webinar is Tuesday, May 22, 2018 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM PDT


Santa Ed with EE books 03-06-15

"Santa" Ed Taylor, the fun and funny author of "How to Become an Encore Entrepreneur", a Q & A.

What is an Encore Entrepreneur?

An Encore Entrepreneur refers to people 50+ who, often for the first time in their lives, choose to start a business of their own. We are people who have ended or are ending our "main act" and are now ready for our ENCORE.

What makes being an Encore Entrepreneur different from anyone else starting a business and why should they read your book?

Through inspirational true stories my book helps EE's avoid costly mistakes and serves as a helpful guide for those 50+ who are considering the idea of starting a business.

Many things make EE's different from others who are starting a business, perhaps the primary things are our attitudes and objectives. For example many EE's define success and wealth differently than younger people. The focus is often less about the accumulation of money and more about other less tangible measures of success such as happiness, fulfillment and life experience. 

Are you saying EE's do not need the money and they are just working to keep busy?

No, not at all. Many EE's do need (or at least REALLY want) the money, but often after many years of working at jobs they found unfulfilling they now place a much higher value on work that feeds them emotionally as well as literally.  

Other EE's reignite a long suppressed passion or interest that went unrealized during their "working life" and now they can bring it forth as their ENCORE!

What types of Businesses are Encore Entrepreneurs starting?

The types of businesses are as varied as the people themselves. In my book I write about a woman who became a pig farmer, another who became a freelance editor and I tell my story of becoming a professional Santa Claus. 

As varied as the businesses are the processes are remarkably similar. I wrote the book and created the website to serve as resources for EE's who would like to earn $500 to $5,000 per month while doing what they love.

What is the biggest hurdle for someone starting out as an EE?

The questions I hear most frequently are, "How do I find my true passion?" and "How can I find out if becoming an EE is really right for me without risking my nest egg or just frustrating myself?" These are very legitimate heartfelt concerns so in my book I include a "Self Evaluation Questionnaire" to help people determine if becoming an EE is right for them.

What if someone determines they are not cut out to be an EE, what then?

They can embark on an Encore Career.  Guided by the same values and objectives as the EE's, those embarking on Encore Careers can achieve many of the same benefits without having to shoulder all of the responsibilities of being a business owner.

What can audiences expect at your seminars & keynote speeches?

Fun! I love sharing funny and inspirational stories about what I, and others, have experienced along our paths to becoming Encore Entrepreneurs.

My Santa story, going from a reluctant volunteer, to a passionate volunteer, to accepting payment for very limited part-time work to becoming a full-time year-round Santa earning over $100,000 not only demonstrates possibility; it also provides a step-by-step process for finding your passion and then following your passion to a very nice income… while having fun every step of the way.  

How can people learn more about you and your book?

"How to Become an Encore Entrepreneur" is available here on this website or on Amazon as well as other book sellers. To schedule an interview call "Santa" Ed at 424-343-9555.